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Seattle, WA
United States




Art has always been an important creative outlet for me.  While I studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I worked with as many different materials and processes as was possible: clay, stone, wood, fabric, metal fabrication, welding, blacksmithing, glass blowing and casting. In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts - Sculpture with a Minor in Crafts. 

After graduation I left Detroit for the beauty and isolation of the hills of northern California.  There I spent much of the next 5 years working at the Odiyan Foundry producing bronze statuary. In 2010 I moved to Seattle, and since then I’ve continued to develop as an artist and craftsman through a series of day jobs. First I worked for a company (now closed) that created decorative fused glass slabs used for monuments and home projects. In 2014 I changed directions, beginning my time doing custom ironwork for Ballard Ornamental Ironworks.

Bronze Casting at  Odiyan  Foundry

Bronze Casting at Odiyan Foundry

Fusing Glass

Fusing Glass


What I’ve learned about myself is that unlike many artists who seem to have a well-spring of ideas, I work best within a context. The more time I spend with any given material, the more space I have for my creative inspiration to emerge.