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Seattle, WA
United States




My passion in photography is driven by the beauty I can perceive around me. When observing nature in such an intimate way, my heart is inspired to share it

      I first developed an interest for black and white photography around 2000 when taking classes at Oakland Community College. My interest transformed as I began shooting digitally while attending College for Creative Studies in Detroit. For the years following my photography mostly as a way of journaling the way that I viewed the world. It was only occasionally used to make prints for myself and for personal gifts. It wasn't until around 2007 that the seeds of giving began to sprout some beautiful blossoms.  When the Venerable Tarthang Tulku wrote "A Garland of Flowers" and "Seeing the Beauty of Being," two books which seamlessly blend his eloquent wisdom and views the beautiful  plants and animals of Northern California, as I captured them with my camera.  

     In 2010 I moved to Seattle and after a brief pause, I was inspired by the new flora and fauna I found in the beautiful local gardens, and I again took up my camera.  The beauty of these gardens led me to developing an interest in the bees that so often inhabit them.  I began to follow them at length, taking extra time following them from flower to flower.  It was an inspired curiosity that I had only ever felt in the gardens of Odiyan.  The bees I found danced around the flowers, seeming to frolic on petals, before gathering pollen and sipping nectar.  As I followed them I’d discover that they have a different dance on the various flowers.   

     For a while I printed up many of my bird and bee pictures, most of them would inhabit my home, but then friends started buying them from me. Then I was inspired to display them publicly at various cafes and art shows around Seattle.   Now I am venturing in this new direction by adding my investigations into my website. Although I don’t have a quick and easy way for people to purchase prints through the site just yet, please feel free to contact me if you’re interested. Pricing is available upon request.



    After trying a variety of companies, local and out of state, I was delighted to find Stretch and Staple in my own back yard (Greenwood), who continues to get my business exclusively.  I do this not based on some agreement or contract, but simply because they are an amazing local company who's service and products, in my experience, go unmatched.