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Seattle, WA
United States


About Me

Being Fluid & Formless



     Fluid & Formless is method and madness all rolled into a dynamic living flow.  It's learning to remain still and attentive, to find stable footing in the currents of life, so that we can make use of life's energies instead of being dragged around by them.  This can manifest in as many ways as can be imagined.  Sometimes it is simply breathing in and appreciating our senses and faculties, and sometimes attentively using our focused efforts to take in and take on whatever circumstance we appear to be in.



Living is Giving


     The antidote for feeling like we’re lacking, is to find what we can give.   Call it a trick of the mind, or call it a developing skill, shifting our perspective is quite effective in reshaping how we feel about a situation.  When feeling that we’re lacking materials, time, or money, looking at what we have to give (instead of what we don't) continuously loosens the tightness that so often accompanies these manifestations of poverty mind.  

     Check out the Charity Film & Food page to see how easy it can be to start giving.