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Seattle, WA
United States



Charity Film & Food

Adding meaning to everyday activities

      Charity Film & Food is a monthly event, which benefits a different charity, person or cause each month.

     The heart of this event is knowing that we can transform our everyday activities into things that can benefit others.  By simply doing what we love to do, and setting out a donation bowl, our favorite hobbies and pastimes can become instruments of change for people and causes around the world. 

   Our Seattle Chapter of Charity Film & Food has been happening about every month since Sept 2010.  To date it's been able to provide a variety of individuals, businesses, causes and charities with over $22,000!  Our efforts have also started to spread, we now have a Chapter in Portland, OR too!   




1) Find a Charity, Person, or Cause in need of help.
2) Pick an activity that you and your friends already love to do (make it a potluck for added flare).
3) Encourage everybody to give!

 Fundraising for a friend with Stage 4 Cancer in a Belltown Loft

Fundraising for a friend with Stage 4 Cancer in a Belltown Loft

Our culture of consumerism and economy tries so hard to convince us that money is as vital as our blood, and to that I say let us be the heart and pump it to those places which are most vital – to those in need. Would you disable yourself by cutting off your leg simply because it lacked some circulation? Of course not, so let us not sever our brothers and sisters from the rest of our collective being.

How did CF&F get its start?

 Fundraising for Bike Shack during our event at Peddler Brewing Co. 

Fundraising for Bike Shack during our event at Peddler Brewing Co. 

     Stemming from a conversation with a few volunteers on the streets of Seattle, the basic idea is that any activity can be a charitable one.  It’s my belief that once people can feel the warmth that comes with acts of kindness, such as giving, then they will develop a taste for it, and with a little luck something like a hunger for it.   I was lucky enough to be surrounded by other good hearted people already, so the process of sustaining interest hasn’t been difficult.  However if things were to grow, I do believe some larger ideas would need to be brainstormed.  But put some people in the same room with some good food, drinks and a favorite movie/game/activity, and a big picture goal (such as donating to a charity that is dear to you) and you could have yourself a good start to starting something!



The benefits of being involved

 Fundraising for Proyecto Horizonte at John's Apt.

Fundraising for Proyecto Horizonte at John's Apt.


  • Do good while having fun
  • Connect with people who share interests
  • Learn about and donate to amazing causes


  • Share your passion with others
  • Invite your friends and get them involved
  • Support your favorite cause with the added help of others

Get connected, Stay Connected

If you’re interested in learning more about the group, head over to Facebook and join the Charity Film & Food Group, or search for the current “Charity Film and Food” event page.  You can also write to me and describe your

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