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Seattle, WA
United States



What is the Art?  Where is the Art?


     I do not view my art as a collection of objects, but rather as records of experiences, expressions, impressions, investigations, and functions.  

     My art generally falls into two categories.  The first category might appear perhaps like a more traditional approach, where from inspiration comes the urge to create similar and to place it in a specific space.  The second category would appear as more less purposeful, and perhaps closer to a record of some fleeting moment or experience.

     From my point of view, this sort of art isn't necessarily the end product, but exists within the process of creation.  On the right day, I might even liken myself to a musician in the sense that the art of playing isn't not just in the process of practicing, repeating and perfecting, but rather in the improvisational relationship of wrestling and juggling with ideas through the process of creating and crafting it.  


 Bronze Casting at Odiyan Foundry

Bronze Casting at Odiyan Foundry

A Brief History: 

     I've enjoyed creating art for as long as I can remember.  I formally schooled at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.  I worked with as many different materials and processes as was possible for me, never settling on just one, and in 2005 I graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts - Sculpture, and a Minor in Crafts. 

     Within a few months of graduation I left to the beauty and isolation of the hills of northern California.  There I worked at the Odiyan Foundry producing bronze statuary.   In 2010 I moved to Seattle where I've had the good fortune to find employment through the end of the recession.  I worked for a few companies which have continued to feed my artistic inclinations and allow me to develop myself as a craftsman and artist.  I've learned new crafting processes, been able to essentially cross train the fine motor movement of my hands, develop my visual acuity in 2 and 3d, and most importantly these various situations have inspired ideas and strengthened my confidence in trouble shooting ideas in planning and crafting pieces in various materials.  




Art types:  Photos (expressions of curiosity of subjects, studies of a subject, points of visual interest/composition/lines/shapes) 

Scupture: Decorative Furniture/objects of function, studies 

Drawings: Sketches of ideas, designs, note taking for dance, inventions

 Fusing Glass 

Fusing Glass